Posters in Parliament

On the 14th March, I attended the 5th annual Posters in Parliament event with Anna Kharko and Matt Roser. The event was organised and sponsored by University College London and is part of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research. Posters in Parliament is inspired by the US Posters on the Hill event, where students from many universities present their research to the House of Representatives and the Senate. This gives legislators and policy makers the chance to learn about some of the research taking place at different Universities.

Plymouth University opened a selection process for Posters in Parliament, in which I entered the poster I created for the South West Undergraduate Conference 2016. I was pleased to find out that I was runner up in the selection process, and had the opportunity to present my final year project at parliament.
My final year project investigated the most successful word-learning condition with three and five-year-olds, using an app on a tablet, tangible objects and parent-child interaction. I am grateful for the support from my supervisor, Caroline Floccia, and Chloe See, Toby Mather, and Allegra Cattani.
Posters in Parliament was held in the Jubilee room, just off Westminster Hall. University staff and MPs were invited to see the research exhibited. 52 students from Universities across the UK presented their undergraduate research in the form of a poster. Each University could nominate two students to exhibit their work, one student presented in the first exhibition session, a runner up within their University. The second student, the winner within their University, presented in the second session and had the opportunity to win some prize money.

I loved talking about my work to the staff and students who attended the event and received lots of positive interest. The event had a wonderful atmosphere and I enjoyed visiting the Houses of Parliament.


Charlotte Stone


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