Matt Roser Hotseat

You can view Matt’s bio on the University website and his academic research (Laterality Lab) page here
Matt came to England from New Zealand, where he gained a PhD. He wanted to travel and managed to get a post doc at Dartmouth college, New Hampshire, in the States where he stayed for four years working with Michael Gazzaniga. He then came to us!
If he didn’t do psychology he may have studied politics and economics in an academic field.
Matt’s area of interest is in brain laterality. Students interested in this area can find out more at the links above. He’s also been involved in studies on aging on the brain, autism, reasoning and setting up a dementia brain image data base with hospitals. Placement students can get involved with this research, and have made a big contribution over the years.
Matt would sit on a bench with someone who has made an intellectual contribution to society but would need to be able to have a chat with. That ruled out lots of people, because he would struggle to keep up. He eventually gave up trying to think of an intellectual and chose Forest Gump (a great call) because he would make for interesting conversation, and has chocolates.
Having to teach linguistics, which is out of his area, was a challenge. He is interested in many different aspects of behaviour and reasoning, brain imaging, autism and aging, so he rarely finds stuff he is not interested in.
Interesting facts about Matt… Matt has a fear of Karaoke!!
Matt has three children who keep him busy. In his office, which holds more greenery than any other I have seen, Matt displays drawings of brains by his children. He also likes to be physically active.
Quick fire

  • Coffee/ Tea? – Coffee
  • Black/ White? – Black
  • Early bird/ Night owl? – Both
  • Jazz/ Classical? – Both
  • Pop/ Rock? – Rock
  • Chess/ Draughts? – Chess
  • Personal Chef/ Personal Trainer? – Personal trainer because he feels there is nothing better than eating something toy have prepared when it turns out better than you expected!
  • Brown bread/ White bread? – Brown bread
  • Star Wars/ Star Trek? – As a kid Star Wars, but now Star Trek.


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