Hotseating Peter Jones

Welcome back all!

Before we broke for summer I met with Peter Jones who you may remember from stage one where he taught politics or stage 2 where he lectured on health. He also supervises on final projects. You can find out all about Peter academically on the University website.
As we sat down Peter told me he felt this interview may be a strange experience. He is very down to earth and easy going whilst being a little quiet ( he even made me a cuppa!).

I asked Peter about his university experience, he said he wasn’t the best student and was infact quite lucky to progress on to PhD. Suggesting this may have been because things were very different, when he embarked on the journey that we have all decided to take, compared to the way things are now. I found this rather comforting considering there are times, if you are like me, when we feel we are not making the grade.
Peter admire those that work in neuroscience but doesn’t find himself overly excited by the subject. He does get excited by some student’s proposals for final projects.
Peter is married and has a little girl and a little boy, he finds most of his spare time is spent on them, he considers them to be the best thing he has ever done. He runs and likes to walk, he is walking the South West coast path starting at Minehead.
I asked about music taste and I must say his are awesome. It was here I realised we must be a similar age as we discuss the brit pop war of the 90s between Oasis and Blur whilst we agreed we like them both when asked to pick one I disclosed mine as Blur he told me at the time he preferred Oasis …. However, he went on to say Blur were the better band and went on to produce a lot of great music I guess we can suggest he saw the error of his ways.
If Peter could sit on a bench with anyone past or present for one hour he would choose 2 people Jarvis Cocker, because, he believes that although many people have achieved a lot in their life they may not necessarily be a good conversation, he feels this guy would be.
Another person he would choose would be George Orwell for his clarity of thought. While we are on the subject of George anybody who follows Peter on twitter will have seen his passion for politics, you will also have encountered this passion in his politics lectures. I asked him about this subject and about the confusion in young adults in the lead up to the election, he replied that people should use their voice and this is how they get to be heard. He states his dismay at the closure of libraries and the increased usage of foodbanks.
One of Peters inspirational people would be his Lecturer as an undergraduate and PhD , he told me he remembers him having a great ability to deconstruct a problem.
A favourite book of Peters is Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler and tells me it made a big impression on him.
I took the opportunity to ask Peter for a little advice for those progressing to the next stage from stage one as many stage 2 students felt the jump was quite big! He suggests the work is not harder there is just more of it, advising students to be prepared . ………..Don’t worry Peter I have taken it upon myself to tell them ****inserts devil smiley face here****!!!!!

Quick fire Questions
Coffee/Tea? – Tea
Introvert/Extravert? – Introvert
Eat in/out? – In
Chinese/Italian? – Chinese
Video game/Board game? – Board game
Ibiza/cabin in the wood? – Cabin
Dressup/Down? – Down
Bond/bourne? – Bond
Spender/saver? – Saver


Zoe Higgins, Stage 4


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