Facebook Ads: Tailored to your personality



Ever wonder why adverts on Facebook seem so relevant to you?

Psychology may have the answer: your personality can be used to tailor adverts to make you buy that product or download that app. And, it’s easier and more effective than you thought.
A recent study used a questionnaire to assess personality. The researchers also looked at the respondents’ Facebook likes and correlated them with one of the main personality traits, including extraversion and openness to experience. Researchers then created ads for a beauty campaign and used tag lines to appeal to introverts or extraverts. When they were posted on the Facebook news feeds of their target audience, the likelihood of product purchase rose by 1.54 times.
The second study was similar but looked at openness to experience. This time, the advert was for a crossword game, and was tailored to people with either high or low openness to new, creative experiences. Once again when the ad matched the target audience, people were 1.38 times more likely to click on the ad, and 1.31 times more likely to buy the app.
To read about the final part of the study and see how psychological targeting can be used positively and negatively, follow the link below

Jessica Bishop, Stage 2



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