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This week we invite you to get to know Lucy Clarke and Zoe Higgins!

Lucy Clarke is a stage 2 student who is doing a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology. Lucy always wanted a career in Medicine but just missed out on the grades at A level despite getting an offer. Although she still feels she wants to progress in this area, she applied for Psychology at university because she enjoyed it at A-Level. Lucy also felt that Psychology would be a vital skill in a medical role if ever she did go down that route.
She is a member of the hockey society and is part of the Psychology council as the communications rep as well as posting regular updates on to the blog. Lucy used to competitively dance when she was younger, but decided to give this up when she came to uni so she could focus on her studies. Lucy lives just outside Bath; she has 2 siblings, an older brother Daniel and younger sister Katherine. She attended Hardenhuish school in Chippenham**interesting fact Gabriella Aplin attended the school next door a few years earlier! ** Lucy does enjoy Gabriella’s music, she is particularly good for study sessions!
Lucy would choose to sit on a bench with the Queen for an hour ** another interesting fact her grandfather was a piper major for the Queen ** as she would love to see what she is like when not around the public and in particular the side that her grandfather used to see. Lucy’s mum used to have one of the Queen’s corgis as a pet when she was younger, it was called Ajax.
Lucy works when she is home but struggles to find the time when she is here. If Lucy was an alcoholic beverage she would be a straight talking GnT. Her favourite movie is Fly away home which is an older and less popular film. Her favourite book is The talented Mr Ripley as it was a book that she studied at A Level for English Literature and was another of Lucy’s favourite subjects.
Skirts/dresses? – skirts
Chinese/Italian? – Chinese
Introvert/extrovert? – Introvert
Comedy /mystery? – Comedy
Wine/beer? – Wine
Red/white? – White
Cabin in the woods/ Week in Ibiza? – Ibiza
Saver/spender? – Spender
Winter/summer? – Summer
Christmas/Easter? – Christmas
Tea/Coffee? – Tea
Eat in / out? – Out

I am a stage 4 student in Psychology, I really enjoy the course especially this year, my end goal has changed many times, though it currently stands at wanting a PhD and to further research!
I went to Dame Elizabeth Cadbury junior school in Birmingham (yes the chocolate factory & yes I got lots of free chocolate) **interesting fact I was on the team of pupils that designed Freddo the green frog** although I didn’t get anything but a grade and a box of Freddos in payment! I wasn’t best behaved at school and stumbled into a catering course, Where I achieved management level 3 in catering and hospitality management and Sommelier (I love red wine!). I have worked in this industry for 20 years and had my own catering business. Although now I work part time for Boringdon Hall hotel and UCSP here at Uni.
I am the middle child of 8, I have 3 daughters aged 18 Niamh, 16 Erin, 11 Darcy-Olivia.
I am a Course Rep, a member of the Plymature society, Psychology student council; Outreach and Blog. I am also a BPS member and BPS rep for the school.
I am super inquisitive and must be busy at all times and can seem quite restless, as many of you will be aware.

My favourite book is; To Kill a Mockingbird
My favourite movies are The lost boys and Dirty Dancing (I have two because I can’t choose and because I can!
music is extremely important to me I love a variety of genres but if I had to choose favourites I would go with:-
The Smashing Pumpkins;
Red Hot Chili Peppers (I have this tattooed on me luckily I can hide it easily* don’t drink and tattoo guys!);
Bob Marley;
Obviously UB40
Kings of Leon
I have seen all of these people live except Nirvana whom I had tickets to see but Kurt Cobain commit suicide days before.

You would think that after asking many people the “who would you sit on a bench for an hour with” question that I would have an answer but clearly I do not… I would have to split it to half an hour with my nan who mostly raised me until I was 13 when she died I’d like her to meet my children. The other half I would spend with Zimbardo because he fascinates me.
If I were an alcoholic drink I would be a Long Island iced tea – I am a little bit of everything rolled into one and stronger than I first appear.

Zoe Higgins Stage 4


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