Hotseat – Laurence White

Check out Laurence on the university website – and head over to Laurence’s website Psychoprosody, where he puts his research papers and (very occasionally) popular science writing about language research. The name “psychoprosody” was made up by Laurence, “prosody” being the music of speech, which is his main area of research, and “psycho” being… Read More Hotseat – Laurence White

BPS Conference

On Wednesday, May the 3rd, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the British Psychological Society`s annual conference in Brighton. Here follows a short account of the experience. *For a quick table of my PROS and CONS of this conference skip to the bottom of the post* The conference was held in a hotel near… Read More BPS Conference

Researching for job success – a workshop

The Library and Careers and Employability Service are running a joint workshop this May for students seeking graduate employment.  The aim is to help you research potential employers to enable you to make informed choices about your careers and write more effective applications. Date: Thursday 25th May Time: 14.00-15.30 Location: Library Lecture Room 008  … Read More Researching for job success – a workshop